Risk Management
              And Loss Prevention



National Liability Management offers on-site loss prevention services for physicians,
medical groups and other healthcare providers.  The program is “non-clinical” in nature
and intends to uncover any loose ends that could contribute to breakdowns in patient care.
The following is a short description of our services.

Office Visits All Locations: Each of the offices are visited and meetings with staff members will
be completed to consult and offer promotion of loss prevention programs.  The program is
“non-clinical” and our outline will follow the non-clinical issues in healthcare liability.

Chart Reviews: At each location a number of patient records will be reviewed for thoroughness, follow
up procedures, communications, general documentation quality, etc. (HIPAA compliant)

Physician/Staff Interviews: Various (but not all) physicians and staff members are interviewed and asked general questions as to how situations are handled in the office; including follow up calls to patients, communication of test results, referrals to other healthcare providers, post-treatment warnings and instructions, billing & collection procedures, charting, etc.  We share our medical liability experiences with them to encourage consideration of potential problems and loss control.

Meetings: At your request we will conduct ½ to 1 hour long risk management presentations.  These can be scheduled at times outside of regular business hours including evenings and weekends, to accommodate your schedule.  The presentations may be attended by any number of staff and/or physicians and will cover the topics addressed during physician/staff interviews.

“800” Loss Control Number: Available to the practice or group will be our “800” toll free number.  We are available to discuss (confidentially) any situation in the office related to healthcare professional liability.  Actions will be recommended, or you will be referred to legal counsel or your insurance company’s claims department.

**Our work is intended to be neither disruptive nor critical.  It’s a general review of systems and the way you communicate.  If situations exist that require strong advice or correction they will be recommended to the manager.  It will be entirely up to management whether to implement any recommended changes.

Our purpose is to provide your business with the very best support available in the industry. We are your go-to liability management firm.